1. Brendan Iribe inspired us with his story of the origins of the Oculus Rift: a world-changing device held together by duct tape and ripping at the seams.
  2. We found a rock.
  3. ???

What it does

The Roculus Lift is a multiplayer web app that gamifies weight training in a novel and accessible way with web-based sensor technology and webVR.

First, players go to our web app on their smartphones which act as controllers. The controller will translate motion into game mechanics. Then, Roculus Lift server will display the game in webVR. Anyone with a phone or computer will be able to watch or participate in the webVR game in real time.

How I built it

  • WebSocket
  • Flask (Python)
  • Vue.js (JavaScript)
  • webVR (
  • device-orientation/device-motion events
    • (iPhone/Android accelerometer)

Challenges I ran into

  • Algorithm to translate accelerometer data to smooth in-app motion
  • Multiplayer syncing with handling disconnections

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • The web app is both fun and accessible to anyone with a phone and rock
  • Speed of accelerometer data sharing and conversion to render at 60fps

What I learned

  • Using WebSocket in Flask
  • Integrating Vue.js with webVR
  • Capturing data from the iPhone accelerometer

What's next for Roculus Lift

  • Developing new apps that make use of the web-based motion to VR translation framework we built
  • Adding more complicated gestures (such as rolling, flipping, etc)
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