We tried thinking of different problems, caused in the pandemic, and before the pandemic as well, and we found that mental health was a serious problem, and has gotten bigger during the pandemic. We wanted to help people who were suffering depression, or just weren’t feeling good, and so Rocky Bot was born

Rocky bot has 2 modes: Positive and Negative. When entering the bot will ask the user how they are feeling “N” for negative and “P” for positive. If the user chooses positive it will give the user a joke and let the user play a game in hopes of making your day even better If the user choses negative it gives the user a piece of advice and a game to attempt to get the user’s mind off it. Each mode has a game and an extra tool as a bonus if you win the game.

Rocky Bot is designed to communicate with the person who is running the program. They are supposed to make the person feel better (even if it’s only a little bit). A little advice goes a long way.

We had a lot of trouble coming up with an idea because none of us are very experienced with python. When you can’t make a lot more than input statements, print, and if-else statements, it’s difficult to make anything useful. We did eventually come up with an idea, and although it is quite buggy, we did our best.

In the future we plan to add more to this bot to cheer up people in other ways. We would also code it so that we could make the user have the opportunity to have more than 1 piece of advice and maybe even some more clinically proven tactics and games to help make this person feel better, even if it is done virtually.

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