Inspired by Ink and other several other party games as well as the classic game of rock-paper-scissors. We set out to make a more fun and engaging version of RPS!

What it does

It is an engaging party game that allows the audience the influence certain aspects of the gameplay by texting certain commands which are collected using the Twilio API and the results are sent to the game. There is also a complementary website that goes with the game which acts as a manual with an included sprite maker (not fully developed due to time restrictions).


How I built it

Game - built in GameMaker Studio 2 with the addition of the Twilio API to collect audience participation. Website - built in basic HTML/CSS/JS, hosted on AWS with a .tech domain.

Challenges I ran into

Having an underage (under 18) teammate who had to leave during the night. Game - Rendering different colours of sprites, getting the shaders to work. HTTP requests in a new language. Website - Creating an editable (temporary) canvas to create pixel sprites.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning how to use GameMaker Studio 2, creating an editable canvas.

What I learned

Learned how to use GameMaker Studio 2, creating an editable canvas in HTML5, using the Twilio API, creating HTTP requests in GML (GameMaker Language).

What's next for RockPaperSplat!

Fully connected sprite editor to create hats for the player objects. More maps. Improve graphics. More power-ups Support for more players and online multiplayer. Possibility of using the Bloomberg API to affect the game. Better UX/UI.

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