The mental calculation has been a difficult concept for kids in our community. Since we were young, we did find it difficult to do multiplication and division. Our government introduced one laptop per child policy and we have seen that most kids spend their time playing different games which most of the time are not related to what they are studying. We came up with this idea of making a game which kids may enjoy and learn as they play.

What it does

RockIt game brings a rocket with a mathematical equation, A user tries to solve the equation before the rocket hits the ground. If a user gives a correct answer they get an additional 5 points. If it's a wrong answer or the rocket hits the ground before they give the answer, they lose.

How we built it

We started during the developer circles build day of this year. This is the first time we meet as a team. While the other team had already had ideas, we didn't have one. We observed some of the presentations regarding the technology to be used, and Html 5 games presentation got our attention. We looked back to find an idea and that is when mental calculation came to our mind. The second day of build day we were supposed to have a simple demo of our project, we worked hard to achieve it and our demo won the first prize. From the build day, we decided to continue with our project with the aim of submitting it. We started by listing tools to use and that is pivotal tracker(protect management tool), GitHub and git(for version control), and slack for communication. Every day we could add some features and give it to some people to try it and let them tell us what they think.

Challenges we ran into

Building this game wasn't easy because it was our first time to use Html 5 and everything involved learning. We received different feedback regarding user interface but due to lack of time, we didn't get a chance to implement them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of building a game that people like. Considering the feedback we have been getting, this game is here to serve a purpose. We didn't get any discouraging feedback and this shows us that what we are doing things that matter to people.

We are proud of participating in this Hackathons, We tried different time to participate but none of us had ever submitted the application. Making this cool game and be able to submit it is one of the biggest accomplishment.

What we learned

Before this game, we could hear things like Html 5, Html 5 games and we couldn't know what they mean, what the difference between them. We have learned Html 5 and Html 5 game development. We made this game with vanilla javascript and this was also our first time doing a project with vanilla javascript, we have learned unit testing with Jest as well using Flow type checker.

What's next for RockIt

We see a big future in RockIt game. From that, we want to start by implementing all the feedback we have been getting. We will start by re-designing it to match game industrial standards and after we will publish it to Instant Games.

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