Inspiration for this project was born from personal experience. I was given unfortunate news. I was flooded with heavy emotions but my attention quickly shifted to my upcoming interview on the radio. I asked myself, what's the gift Life is giving me by this experience?

I later unwrapped my gift: An opportunity to sit with my uncomfortable emotions, walk with them and yes, even answer questions from the radio host while accompanied by these emotions.

I did this instead of immediately fixing them as if they were bad.

By the time I could exhale, I noticed there were no agitated feelings lingering about the incident. What happened? I'm unsure. I just know I sat with my emotions observing the dark beauty of my frustration, overwhelm, weariness, and fear. I also felt spurts of joy in other areas of my life. I noticed the varied emotional landscape within me and declared it, Good.

I wish for each child a deep, intimate knowing of their emotions which is foundational to their well-being.

What it does: The first build scans images and user discovers "emotion word" rocks.

How we built it using Vuphoria.

Challenges we ran into: Scoping the project accordingly so it can be used in 2021.

Accomplishments that we're proud of is designing and executing a project that will have positive impacts on children's mental wellbeing.

What we learned: The need to widen our emotional vocabulary.

What's next for Rocking Emotions To develop the virtual guide's artificial intelligence in house.

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