We have all heard horror stories about children being forgotten and left in hot cars. On average 36 children are left in a car and die of heat each year. Imagine if the car seat was a smart, intelligent car seat? It could inform parent not only if the seat was occupied when they left the vehicle, but a whole host of other things. Is their child too heavy for the seat? Are the buckles not clipped? Has there been a recall on parts? Is the shelf life of the seat passed?

And for the manufacturer: Where are these seats being used? How often are they being used? What are the temperature extremes these seats are being exposed to? What is the average weight/occupancy the children are in the seat? Who should be marketed for a larger seat?

All of this is to help create a better experience and safety for the little tots who use the seat.

What it does

Sensors to collect and send data to a centralized repository.

How we will build it

We'll figure it out. I'll be working on getting sensors for the various aspects of the data we would like to collect.

Who I'm looking For

As I'm going to be helping to run the entire event, my time will be a little limited, but I'm looking for people who have experience with Arduino and/or Particle, collecting data (we can use any number of the free platforms) and team members who are creative and can think of new and unique way in which was can not only collect the data, but use it for better actionable intelligence.

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