How did we build it: We started with the core feature of real-time translation using cloud machine learning and expanded upon it. Once we have the speech recognition feature working, we integrated real-time translation and location lookup. UIs and design features were added later. We incorporated a lot of human-centered design element to provide a clam and heart-warming UX theme.

Challenges: Aside from the difficulty of individual features, combine them into a working app is hard on its own. The huge variety of technology we used was the biggest challenge. Also, we wanted to create the best app we can make by seeing the design through with very high standard, focusing greatly on UX. Since none of the team members are actually designers, it was an unexpected challenge that we did not foresee.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: the fact that this is a working, nimble and real-time translating tool itself is already a huge accomplishment. We also really proud of what this app represents and the value it could bring to someone who just came to this country.

What I learned: Asides from all the technology, we learned a lot about version control, real-time communication of the app, designing a human-centered app that has the ability to adapt to the user. What's next: offering more types of services and more locations, include more languages in our app, more features for the existing functions

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