What is 'Rocket' 🚀?

Just like how rockets connect different planets - 'Rocket for IPFS' is a browser extension which connects to the IPFS across different browsers with a dozen of amazing features. Rocket is completely dependency free and works in most of the browsers even without the IPFS client installed on your device!

With Rocket, you can seamlessly make use of the immutable and censorship resistant file system by uploading images from the web to the web3 in just one tap. You can also host your websites, mint NFTs, save media and much more - everything with just a click on your browser extension.

Key features 💎

Rocket has a ton of power-packed features and user-friendly which include :

  • Uploading assets from the internet to IPFS in just one tap.
  • Saving/bookmarking your favorite photos and videos in the immutable file system - IPFS.
  • Minting an NFT right from your browser with just a few clicks.
  • Hosting your website in IPFS without having to move out of our extension.
  • Configuring custom domains for your IPFS enabled website (powered by Unstoppable Domains and Handshake Domains) and decentralized workflows using Fluence's Aqua.
  • Daily backups of your favorite web pages to view them later.
  • Note taking on the safest and censorship resistant file system.
  • Automatically scrape the active web page and convert it's image assets into IPFS CDN links.
  • Chatting with your peer users without having to reveal yourself. (Coming soon!)


Rocket is currently in beta. We will be adding more features and fixing bugs and crashes in the upcoming days.

Why Rocket? 🤔

Rocket is built to promote the IPFS and web3 ecosystem. Most of the non-coders feel it difficult to access IPFS and make use of its perks. Through Rocket, we are enabling everyone to use IPFS by providing them the most intuitive, fully featured and easy to use browser extension.

How it works? 🛠

Rocket relies on ipfs-http-client for pushing files into the Inter Planetary File System. We built the browser extension with ReactJS with manifest v2. The media to be uploaded into IPFS can be selected by the user in many ways - you can simply right click on the image/video and press upload to Rocket IPFS or alternatively, goto the browser popup and select the media right from there. The unique CID, the IPFS CDN link and the QR codes are displayed automatically once you select an image. You can share the immutable image along with your friends or even save/bookmark it for later reference with the functionality that we provided. We also added features to mint NFTs by using nft.storage, to backup webpages (webpage archives) using IPFS and to host multi-page static websites using IPFS with a custom domain using decentralized domain providers like Unstoppable Domains, Handshake Domains and ENS.

The best part is - all of these functionalities can be done without having to go out of your browser :) This makes us stand out from the existing tools which require you to perform multiple steps.

Contribute for Rocket

Feel free to comment if you have any questions. We welcome contributions through our GitHub repository. A link to a detailed documentation on how to use and contribute to Rocket will be shared in the README of our repository.

What's next for Rocket for IPFS

  • Improving functionalities and adding more features
  • Funding and marketing 'Rocket' as a startup
  • Seeking for contributions from the community
  • Listing our extension in Chrome Web Store.

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