Do you remember how long was the waiting time when you had to visit DMV the last time?

Do you remember packs of ~ people ~ zombies, staying in line & waiting for 5-6 hours… at those terrific moments, did not you realize that people are different. Some are okay being in lines for hours, others would rather stay home, watch WWDC keynote, browse Hacker News, learn something useful and… _ wait a minute _… it is freaking 2018 and how come I can’t apply for for my driver license online?!

That’s why we created Rocket DMV

What it does

Rocket DMV allows end users to apply for DMV license from a mobile phone. We provide interface for DMV officers to receive, analyze and approve/rejects applications. Once application is reviewed, its status changes to either approved/rejected => we notify applicant by sending them a text message or email.

How I built it

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