We wanted a way to create and sustain motivation for people looking to exercise more. To do this, we thought of taking care of a virtual pet.

What it does

You set weekly exercise goals for yourself, which if completed, will make your cat healthier and keep him or her from being unhappy as a rock. If you don't meet your goals, you risk your cat turning into a sad rock.

How I built it

We decided to run the back end server using Flask as a routing framework and using OAuth for user registration via their twitter login. On the frontend we used Jinja templating to integrate our html with data from the python backend.

Challenges I ran into

On the page that you are looking at the progress of your goals, when you want to say that you completed a task for the first time, it doesn't register until 2 clicks in. Also, getting more familiar with OAuth was a bit of a challenge as we had a bit of trouble getting the flow of tokens and everything working correctly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we were able to produce a functional MVP, especially despite the fact that we only had 12 hours to complete the project, as we had to start late due to unforeseen circumstances.

What I learned

We learned how to use OAuth properly and use Figma to produce wireframes of our final product.

What's next for RockCat

We plan to implement more stages of the RockCat mascots, to have a higher sense of accomplishment and interactivity for the user.

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