web designed to show passion over Rock and Andean music.

How it works

Groups and bands are collected into simple tags of Rock or Andean music.

Challenges I ran into

develop web from scratch, improve JS ans html/css. Material is not easily collected and so content is low at the moment.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

setup the environment around so work gets easy and everyday counts now.

What I learned

I greatly improved html/css, and also learnt JS during the last two months(OCT/NOV, 1 4), now looking into angularJS, Node.js, WebGL, SQL.

What's next for

1.- finish front-end and proto-type the page for each band, retouch the blog section that is for personal use. 2.- implement a platform for easy use of SQL and (PHP or similar) 3.- improve dynamics and response: i) considering potential issues with videos, or comments, maybe even with shop if plans work out. ii) adapting the site for a responsive design, testing for android and IOS

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