Have you every felt lonely on a cold winter night with no one to talk to or simply just play a rock paper scissors game with ? Well! worry no more. Our project uses image processing to create a friend any time of the day to practice your skills with and have a good time. For this project we used a dragonBoard. Throughout this challenge we faced a lot of different difficulties that challenged us to try new things and help empower our skills. We came to this hackathon in plans to work on an autonomous gardening system but once we got here, there was not enough resources/part to complete this project therefore we had to come up with a new idea at the spot before the office ran out of hardware. We got a basic introduction to a dragonBoard, but we thought it was too complicated to implicate this board into our project as we have scarce knowledge on how to use this board. We avoided it because we were scared to try new things and get out of our comfort zone. On saturday, we decided to use the mentors to help us learn how to use this board. We started this project at 4 pm on saturday. After debugging so many errors we faced such as Logitech camera not working, Logitech camera staying on and wont turn off, random errors in the script that would just crash it, we were ready to present

We definitely want to make the game better and more challenging, we want to create another GUI that represents the overall score and the opponent visualisation. We also want it to get slightly trickier and have the moves reflect what the person is doing, for example if I do rock every move i technically will win 33% of the time, we want to use machine learning for the PC to analyse all your moves and actually try to beat you by predicting what your next move will be. We feel like we've accomplished a great goal is weekend, and that goal is to try new things such as the dragon board and image processing and connect with the other cool hackers that maybe one day can turn into a lifelong friendship.

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