A childhood fantasy about making a Rock Paper Scissors videogame online.

What it does

Pretty self explanatory. You can chat with your friends And make up usernames(max of 2 word users=names) and play good ol’ RPS

How I built it

I went to a class on frontended web développement and I figured out I could us it to make games, so after a lot of YouTube tutorials, I present this!

Challenges I ran into

Not knowning enough of the programming languages itself. Also, the chat died when the text font becoame very small thanks to a type-o, and I had to fix that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making the wrld’s Most popular game into a video game.

What I learned

3 new programming languages/tools.

What's next for Rock Paper Scissors Online

Better chat system. Better graphic design.

Built With

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