I have never developed alexa skill for kid, so I have discussed with my daughters aged of 9 and 13, simple digital game (not for desktop, nor smartphone), which would interest them. After few hours of discussion and debate, we decide to implement the famous "Rock Paper Scissors" game.for kid(s)

What it does

It provides enhanced content : scoring of of wins out of of runs, includes funny speechcons, random messages to get more dynamic content, card content as well

How I built it

I have used Node JS for dynamic content and alexa skill custom using alexa developer portal

Challenges I ran into

It is the first time i configure a custom skill for kid, so i did not know well how to proceed, and especially for testing. Fortunately, the FAQ section on alexa skill page helps me very much

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Certification obtained very quickly, only one remark about example use case

What I learned

Define clearly the use cases, delimit the perimeter, read the document (about kid special context,...)

What's next for Rock Paper Scissors Kid

Built With

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