Our original idea was to build a real time online Yoga teacher using Myo Armband. We started working on it and realized its limitations. Given a particular time frame, it was unfeasible for us to accurately develop it. Looking at the applications of Myo, we then came up with an idea of developing an interactive and "forever-in-out-hearts" game.- Rock-Paper-Myo!

What it does

It recognizes the hand gestures and let's you virtually play an interactive rock-paper-scissor game using Myo. With our innovative tweaks and surprising twists, come enjoy an improvised and much more fun and thrilling game that will revive your childhood memories. (No tears please)

How we built it

Just two words- Myo magic. Myo provides wide range of API reference which can detect hand gestures. Although the data received is not accurate and varies from person to person, we discovered that calibrating and configuring the band for individuals gives better performance and accuracy. We were able to do this using Armband manager. We used python to extract data and analyse it for a smooth gaming experience. We also used Firebase for authentication. Responsiveness of firebase combined together with python SDK set up eased our development experience. :-D

Challenges we ran into

Since we were not receiving accurate data in the beginning, our biggest challenge was to come up with best configuration setting. Internet and getting food in such severe weather were another challenges for us. :-P

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After having thought of an idea and working on it for a day, and then realizing it's limitations was a bit of disappointment for us, but still coming up with an even better and fun idea and successfully implementing it is an accomplishment that we are definitely proud of.

What we learned

We learned Myo. We learned about our creative and fun side which was hidden even to us for a long time (no applauds please!).

What's next for Rock-Paper-Myo

The next step is Rock-Paper-Myo with fire and water and many more twists on many more fun filled games. Virtual reality is a reality now but we take you a step backwards to your childhood memories!

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