Imagine a world where you don’t have to pay tip ever again.

Now, with RoboWaiter, you don’t have to!

Your favorite restaurant can cut 30% of its operating costs through cutting their server staff, and spend the extra money on better ingredients. These robots will never display bad customer service, annoy you for tip, or make you wait to get their attention.

When you shorten the time that the client needs to wait to order the food, orders can happen simultaneously, speeding up the rate with with kitchens gets orders.

Proof it works: When McDonalds implemented the kiosk ordering screen, customers actually ordered more because there’s less pressure for them to order. And when Chili’s implemented ipads for ordering in the west coast, they reduced labor costs by 16%.

Next time you walk into a restaurant, simply sit down, speak into your phone to order and get fast and efficient service from RoboWaiter.

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