The next generation of GAMING on the BLOCKCHAIN is NOT just VIRTUAL it is CYBER-PHYSICAL - A mixture of (1) physical gaming agents, (2) immersive online interactions, and (3) real-time economic transactions. RobotRumble brings you the future of gaming on the blockchain through real-time physical one-on-one robot battles and real-time betting.

What it does

Show the whole world what you're made of by claiming the number one spot as world's top robot driver. You can take part of RobotRumble as (1) robot driver, (2) spectator, (3) gambler, or (4) entropy producer e.g. Tweet

(1) As a robot driver you can take control of one the robots by purchasing your seat as a driver. Additionally choosing to bet on yourself (2) As an spectator you can watch the live streamed race, and also play the role of entropy producer (3) As a better, you can bet on your favorite robot/driver, and also play the role of entropy producer (4) As an entropy producer --- You can Tweet (on Twitter) and take over control of a destroyer robot mean to interfere in the races --- You can boost the speed of your favorite robots (make them fast as lightning) buy staking ThunderTokens, or likewise you stake ThunderTokens to slow down your robot's opponent. _ The amount of Thunder tokens to stake is decided based on a dutch auction (game incentives sections)_

How We built it

(1) We put together a set of open-source robots (Kobuki, Turtlebot) that are controlled by smart contracts and teleoperation through a web-based dapp. (2) The smart contracts were developed on Solidity and deployed into ThunderCore Mainnet (3) We used random number generator oracle from ChainLink because our game combines entropy with strategy (4) And our identity provider and wallet was - a product we discovered at ETHDenver. (5) We implemented the robot control algorithms, and designed a the incentive mechanism and collusion resistant protocols of the game.

Challenges We ran into

Hardware is hard Integrating alpha/beta stage blockchain technologies Dealing with the limits of decentralization, and of decentralized technologies Hardware is hard, developing reliable software for robots can get intricate

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of that this is a production-ready MVP We are proud that our Dapp is on a Mainnet We are proud that our smart contracts implement full-fledge interactions We are proud for even have done this project and having lots of fun - it wasn't easy We are proud to we kept our promise to work together on robots on our next hackathon

Everything. Literally. We are proud of the pain, the suffering, and the tears

What We learned

Blockchain transaction time is important for an interactive experience SIdechain / interchain communication is difficult Current blockchain products lack a seamless interactions Don't forget again to your own router (BYOR) when working with robots at a hackathon (an a wifi-extender)

What's next for RobotRumble

(1) Full integration into AR/VR (2) Fully deploy on other mainnets. (3) Develop are back at our robotics lab. (4) Integrate our other robots, including our humanoid robots. (5) Improve incentives model. (6) Improve UI/UX.

Built With

  • celer
  • chainlink
  • foam
  • game-theory
  • react
  • robotoperatingsystem
  • ros
  • thundercore
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