The initial idea
We wanted to build a hand/arm that is able to grasp onto objects and help people use this object.
Then we thought about having a hand able to communicate using sign language
Then we thought: maybe a hand that can play tic-tac-toe
Then we thought: maybe a shoe that ties itself... but then, well we wanted to make a hand in the first place...
Then we thought: well that's pretty hard so how about just picking up a spoon and feeding us
Then we thought: well maybe we wouldn't want to get food shoved in directly in our mouths
Then we thought: how about a robot that can pick up a bottle and pour for people
Then we thought: well that just sounds do-able (it wasn't)

What it does

The Service The Robot we built was supposed to pick up a bottle and pour into shot glasses for people to drink... Essentially a bartender robot, as we initially thought

How we built it

As we thought, We had a plan but Then we thought: Why follow it?

Challenges we ran into

Programming, troubleshooting, building a frame

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We actually made something!

What we learned

Project scopes need to be smaller. Code need to be clearer so that troubleshooting is easier.

What's next for Robotic Robot Bar Bartending Bartender

Actually pouring drink

Built With

  • arduino
  • ducktape
  • hope-and-dreams
  • hot-glue
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