This project was inspired by the vast toolkit of different data visualizations we had available to us to display information. We are both very fascinated by data visualization and education and wanted to integrate the two in our project.

What it does

We brought together 3 different means of data visualization. The first is a pie chart which ultimately shows nothing valuable aside from a lesson illustrated the inequality of data visualization. Second is an overlapped line plot showing the difference between sensor data and target data for a given joint across time. Our innovative visualization incorporated this overlapped line plot and made for more interaction between the user and the graph model.

How we built it

We used the well-known Python framework, Dash for this project to deploy the site which contains our information. Graphs were created using MATLAB and Plotly.

Challenges we ran into

Neither of us have very much experience with frontend programming so that presented the bulk of our difficulties unfortunately. We also had originally planned for a 3D opaque model displaying velocities on the robot's blueprint.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are definitely proud of the idea and thought process we had gone through to get to the solution we thought up. We tried our best to get the frontend to work the way we had envisioned but ultimately could not. We are proud of the work we put in and learned so much in that process.

What we learned

Definitely picked up a lot about data visualization and frontend programming. Much of what was abstract and mysterious to us before seems now to be simpler and manageable.

What's next for Robotic Revelations

The frontend will definitely need some touching up on and we would love to see this project optimize on the user interface for robotics testers to take inspiration from or utilize in their own work.

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