Saw a killer robot once, thought immediately of this.

What it does

it moves. it has a mobile hand. (Controlled entirely by propitiatory Hardware (Sparkfun IMU))

Hardware is interface by a FTDI chip that allows for serial interchange between the IMU and a USB port. Java then handles dissecting and directing the data to the back end system on amazon web services.

How we built it

RedBull, Sugar and time.

We used a AWS opsWorks stack to build out instances in to the layers needed for our application to provide resilience and performance. This included using a load balancing layer over the application server layer. The final layer was incorporated of AWS RDS (Relational Database Service) running MySql Server. The management and deployment of the servers is handled using chef recipes that configure servers for use and decommission them after peek periods.

Challenges we ran into

Time, and fatigue. sleep is necessary.

Configuring the CDN (Content Delivery Network) on AWS Cloudfront took a LONG time as each time we tried a change it took 15 minutes or more to 'configure'.

What we learned

Three.js and AWS usage.

Built With

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