I wanted to do something funny, and a robot that shoots water on me was funny.

What it does

A camera views the frame and identifies the user's position. It then uses that data to position two servo motors. One servo motor controls the x movement and the other controls the y-movement. The servos are used to position the water pipe. Once the servo motors lock on to the user's face, it sends a signal to the water pump, which pushes water through the pipe and shoots the victim. ehh user, not victim. A pump shoots water through a pipe. The pip is controlled through two servo motors.

Challenges we ran into

The pipe took a long time to get working. Most pipes aren't too flexible, therefore the motor isn't able to move it. Other pipes are too big and don't stick onto the motor. A straw pipe was the best.

Getting the facial detection to work was tricky. I used a Haar cascade to identify the face, but then using that data to move the motor was hard. I had to apply a scaling factor to know exactly how much to move the motor by.

Accomplishments that we're NOT proud of

I got drenched with water.

What we learned

I should do a normal project next time

What's next for Robot Shoots Water On You

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