A robot that detects the fire and extinguish it.

Should work automatically and detect the flame.

A good replacement of fireman in dangerous places. Now a days if any fire accidents happens in Power plants, Buildings, etc., the time and consumption of human power is high. So there may be a possibility of Heavy damage to human beings.

The elimination of fire before it spread away will avoid the catastrophic effects. Design and development of low cost firefighting robot.

Run automatically firefighting robot.

Extinguish fire. Design a fire fighting robot using numerical approach.

Select the suitable material to develop the robot.

The developing of programming is necessary to develop a mechanism of the robot. Mechanical constraints. How to build the model to be robust, balanced, reliable and safe.

Components constraints. The quality of some components such as servo motor which damaged quickly

Environment constraints. Flame sensor range

Money constraints. this project we aim to reduce the effect of fires accidents which usually start from small flame, therefore people life and money would be saved. The robot can successfully find fire and reach it without running into obstacle. We managed to construct the robot comfortably and user friendly within the budget of ksh7000.

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