An interest in remote controlled robots.

What it does

My project provides remote control features for a robot, drone, smart city device, street light, car or anything that can be controlled via the internet. In my example the device is controlled remotely via a website control panel that is connected to a private verizon carrier ip that the device can connect to and send back telemetry. In my example the device is an android app. The main functionality of the hackathon was wavelength and low latency layer. All the telemetry from the device can be stored on a blockchain/db or both to be accessed by other devices so all the devices know where they are almost instantly in the wavelength zone. All data stored securely.

How I built it

I developed the user interface ( control panel / public access ) with node. The bridge between the public control panel <-- >private verizon network <--> android device with node websocket. Java Android basic example using the "happy path" philosophy due to time constraints, no ssl.

Challenges I ran into

Time limitations and getting familiar with amazon wavelength. Getting a verizon phone to test the android device.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Deploying an iot system on a wavelength network. Visualizing what I wanted to do and doing it.

What I learned

I'm still learning a lot about wavelength, iot etc. One of the main things I've learned is how to develop a system that can control a device remotely with almost zero latency.

What's next for Robot Data Service

Saving the telemetry on an ethereum blockchain private network. Many advantages to saving on a blockchain if you need a lot of security. Securing the applications, adding websocket ids for multiple users. Upgrading the code tests, more error checking etc. Providing the service to others. One use case might be sightseeing trips via drone and a camera of the Grand Canyon, or downtown NYC from your living room.

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