Robot Dance Factory is a super fun game in which kids and adults become robot fitness experts.  Each player feeds their robot avatar, providing it with enough energy to compete in dance-off competitions. Feed that robot right and it will have some awesome moves and lots of stamina!  Each mission has different nutritional requirements that are satisfied by food selected from the pantry and fed to the robot. Robot Dance Party incorporates the nutritional data directly into play, subsequently associating this knowledge with fun!  Each ingredient choice the player makes corresponds to nutritional data from the USDA’s extensive database.  Meal missions are customizable; meaning a mission can teach healthy eating in a vast number of categories (Fast food, Mexican, BBQ, etc).  As levels advance, nutritional requirements are not limited to a single piece of data, but begin to incorporate things like sodium, fiber, and caffeine.  Robot Dance Factory harnesses the innate teaching ability of games to help create a playful puzzle mechanic that educates through real data. DataPlayed is a data game design group comprised of nutritionists, game designers, programmers, and data experts.  They strive to create interactive and fun ways to play with data.

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