After working with children and the LEGO Mindstorms, one of our members realized that the students struggled with creating a mechanically stable robot on which to base their creative applications. It's hard to teach kids how if-then statements work to follow a line when their robot isn't able to drive. Our product provides students with a sturdy base for immediate programming sucess, while still leaving room for creativity. Students can add a variety of premade modules or create their own.

What it does

The cube-shaped base module has basic driving capabilities and is controlled via laptop keyboard. The sides of the cube are slotted to accomadate attachment modules.

How I built it

Frame is made from laser-cut acrylic. Runs on an arduino that powers servo motors for the wheels. Arduino code written in processing.

Challenges I ran into

Had a lot of trouble trying to connect to the arduino via bluetooth module, so we had to run it while tethered to a laptop

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built a driveable robot controlled from a laptop keyboard!

What I learned

Almost all of our group was new to working with Arduino. Explored a lot of cool hardware!

What's next for Robot Cubed

We'd like to have the robot be bluetooth controlled. We also want to create premade modular attachments and have them connect to the base with contacts for easy plug-and-play.

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