Space exploration is nowadays one of the biggest priorities of humanity. It poses lots of technological challenges that we, as a society, will need to overcome. In this context, robots will become crucial to conduct many tasks within the hostile environment that is the space. That inspired us to design a tool to control such devices, like robotic arms in the vacuum of space or rovers in the surface of a planet, without the need of an actual controller. We saw in Tap Strap a potential tool to do so, and we have proved it is indeed the perfect instrument.

What it does

With 5 easy and different gestures, you can order a robot to perform tasks rather than using a flamboyant controller.

How I built it

We created an interface with C# which enables the user to translate the gestures of the TAP Strap device into inputs that the robot firmware, designed with Arduino, can interpret.

Challenges I ran into

It has been hard to understand the code the TAP tool was based on. Specifically, it has been hard to get raw data from the 7 sensors of the device. This has been challenging, but succeeding on it has been extremely rewarding and an amazing learning experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting to see the robot acting accordingly to the gestures performed by the user.

What I learned

It has been a HUGE learning experience. Both in terms of coding and understanding the complex data sent by the accelerometers.

What's next for Robot controlled via Tap Strap

Again, we see outstanding capabilities in the Tap Strap device within the control environment.

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