Rocket.Build Hackathon - Robot Arm Project

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For this Hackathon we created an IoT robotic arm that can be controlled wirelessly or via USB. The are can be controlled to move and lift objects. I built the arm using a kit and added functionality using a Particle IoT development board.

Team Members

Nathan Robinson - Assembled the hardware, developed the software for the robot arm controller, and created an API to allow the arm to be controlled wirelessly.

J Tarness - Developed a frontend application to wirelessly communicate with the robot arm. Designed and pitched the project presentation.


  • Hardware (arm with Particle board attached)
  • Scripting Application (Using Bash scripts to relay list of instructions)
  • JavaFx Application (Using Logitech Controller or Keyboard)
  • Web Application (Using HTML buttons)

Hardware Used

Technologies Used

  • Particle

  • Java / JavaFx

  • JavaScript / HTML / CSS

Libraries Used

Particle C++


Trello Board (Task Management)

Travis CI (Continuous Integration Testing)


Copyright (c) Nathan Robinson. All rights reserved.

Licensed under the MIT License.

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