It's a Software for Robot which can interact with human and do many things.


  • Radspberry pi with one of these operation sytems
    • Raspbian
    • Noobs
    • Ubunt Mate
  • Display (3.0 - 3.2 Inch)
  • USB Microphone
  • Speakers(Loud but smaller in size)
  • Various Sensors

Installation Procedure

  • Install OS on raspberry pi
  • Open terminal in /home/pi
  • Make sure to have stable internet connection
  • Now install the software by typing the following command


Note: Installation procedure may take 30-35 minutes. Make sure that you have stable internet connection.

Using Robot

Connect all hardware parts of the robot and finally you can use it. If you are confused then ask to robot that What can you do. It will give some hints.

For any query, feel free and contact me

Prateek Agrawal
Website | LinkedIn | (+91) 7464847884

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