Device and Method for Filtering Unwanted Telephone Calls

Introduction & Methodology Summary ( See complete "Submission for FTC ROBOCALL Challenge" PDF attachment:

The device and method relate to telephone calls and more specifically unwanted marketing and sales and intrusional telephone calls which are a constant nuisance throughout the world.

More particularly it relates to a system for blocking unwanted calls and allowing desirable telephone calls, such as those from friends and relatives, to complete their call to the user of the system.

The phone of the user of the system need never ring or be bothered with calls which are blocked by the filtering step or steps.


RoboStopper TM will automatically identify each INBOUND call BEFORE an electronic or wireless connection as mentioned above takes place regardless of each recipient's cell phone, land-line phone or computer-aided phone device like SKYPE or alternative inbound calling devices.

Inbound robocalls, which are computer-generated, will identify, alert and activate RoboStopper TM to deflect and terminate unwanted inbound computer-initiated calls without disturbing or notifying recipients of those unwanted calls.

For the more sophisticated recipients with state of the art equipment needed to manage sizeable data transfers via cell / mobile phones or computer-related devices and required for business type applications, PIN's (Personal Identification No's) will be optionally available for each recipient to generate and update multiple times (if required) providing the equivalency of automatic connectivity with chosen communication "partners" and the resulting password protection. with those friends, family and business associates.

Those selected group or circle of callers can be notified via email or text messages with updated PINs to include PAUSE coding commonly included with modern phone equipment. Those electronic inbound calls will then "process" through the RoboStopper TM system to the recipient directly or into standard voice messaging devices when recipients set their voice-mail answering systems in the regular manner.


RoboStopper TM will prevent local and foreign robocall interests with their significant robotic electronic phone-calling enterprise attempts and determination to capitalize on products and services being sold to the American community through this remote selling technique.

RoboStopper TM will minimize and ultimately obliterate this gigantic marketing / selling arm of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF TIME wasted in pressuring the American consumer to deal with this horrendous sales intrusion into their lives via the greatest technology created to date - THE CELL PHONE - for products and services invariably NOT WANTED to the point of rendering this ongoing robocall technique obsolete.

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