At the Pitt Robotics and Automation Society, we often ran into the problem of having a lot of code to test, but not enough hardware to test it on. Although we often use micro controllers and PICs at RAS, we found that our most common scenario is implementing python algorithms on single board computers.

What it does

RoboSim is an extendable software package that makes it easy to test robots and automatons by unifying software testing and hardware implementation. With RoboSim we took our own Mini Sumo robot as an example to implement in software, and drop the code right into the hardware.

How we built it

Python, GNU/Linux, HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to do a heavy hardware hack in a near hardware desert

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting Blender and robots to do our bidding

What we learned

Blender, Intel Edison, building Popsicle stick SCALE-ABLE INTERNET OF THINGS robots with wheels made from tape

What's next for RoboSim

More modules. We have enough modules to emulate and program a sumo robot, or a micro mouse robot, but adding more functionality is our priority.

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