RoboPill is an app controlled medication dispenser. The app connects to the dispenser via bluetooth. Through a weekly scheduler form, that is filled out by a family member or an assistant. It receives the date, the time, and prospectively the medication type. At the designated time, a bluetooth signal is sent to the system, informing it to dispense the medication, triggering a visual and audio alarm, and a notification displaying on the patient's phone. We hope this will be useful for families who have a loved one with dementia, or a similar illness. By having the medication dispense automatically from the settings set on the application and the various ways of being notified, it takes the steps away of having the patient remember to go find his meds and take them. This is different than other pill apps that have the reminders along with the bluetooth pill case on the market as it takes away so many steps that are still included when using those products.


Amalia Cowan: App Design and Layout

Rai Munoz: Front-end Android Development

Hector Torres: Back-end development

Eric: Design of dispenser and overall product

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