The best way to contain a pandemic is a very sensitive test called polymerase chain reaction. Many steps of the test are performed by hand and have multiple points of failure. There is a worldwide shortage of tests that prevents us from knowing who has the disease.

What it does

The project is a sealed cabinet Containing a robotic arm, cooled centrifuge, freezer, and warming chambers, lights and photodetectors that can perform all the steps of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) without human input, yielding results that are easy to understand. Reagents are stored in cartridges and can notify a central laboratory when more are needed.

How I built it

Borrowed from the knowledge of co-workers knowledgeable in the steps necessary to perform PCR

Challenges I ran into

Hardware design

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Knowledgeable experts believe the project is feasible and simply needs enough time and energy for successful execution

What I learned

How to create molds using cnc

What's next for RoboPcr

Design of cabinet to specifications Standardization of parameters that can vary based on the target gene

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