Inspiration: A large portion of medical errors in the industry and homeless shelters are due to problems with information processing and storing in databases. Large amounts of time and effort are put into logging and locating patients data. So, we tackled this problem by using embedded systems and IOT to take the vitals and push to the Database

What it does: It takes the vitals of the patients like Body Temperature, Height, Heart Rate, Patients User-ID efficiently and sends to the database.

How we built it: We used Arduino and Particle Photon to take the vitals and push it to firebase database using Rest-APi's

Challenges we ran into: Connecting Arduino's to the Database, and making the temperature sensor work

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Using Firebase Database

What we learned: How to use a database, working with hardware, Asking for Mentor Help

What's next for RoboNurse

Implementing RoboNurse in areas where it is needed the most Like Homeless Shelter, Emergency Room. Where the vitals are needed quick

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