Inspiration -

We wanted to create an autonomous robot with the ability to follow the leader and naturally, the animal that came to mind that does that was ducks. From there we wanted to recreate a family of ducks' follow the leader mentality for both the fun and challenge of it

What it does -

A person sets up their phone as the "Mother Duck". Once connected the autonomous ducklings will follow the mama duck around.

How we built it -

We broke it down into specific goals and then divided up the various tasks to play towards our team member's strengths.

Challenges we ran into -

Getting the ducklings to recognize the mama duck, building the motor controllers for the ducklings, using an environment that our entire team was brand new to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of -

We successfully created several mini robots. Successfully retrieving all the wi-fi signals and Bluetooth signals in the room.

What we learned -

We learned that you can achieve far more if you use your resources to their fullest. Learned how to retrieve Bluetooth and wi-fi signals.

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