As Doctor are so busy during this pandemic situation so they does not give priority to other diseases

What it does

RoboDoc is an intelligent platform that keep tracks about a person’s physical health during face to face and remote sessions. Okay, now this is a definition type of stuff. Let us dig deeper and know how it is helpful. Now let us create a scenario. You have a drinking problem. You drink on an average twice or thrice a day. I know it is quite a lot and if this is your habit then you should immediately consult a doctor. No need of this application. But if you drink occasionally and want to keep a check of your liver, that till now how the alcohol content has affected your liver or you should consult a doctor or not, then no need to panic. Here is the application for you. Log in through your name and password, go through the links, upload your information and get the required results. Furthermore, this helps you to keep a check on your daily intake and you can easily counter attack anyone who tells you to control your drinking. Just show them your health status on your phone and you can keep their mouth shut. Okay, you don’t need to do that. It is mostly for your health care. Now, you will ask me this is a very easy task to do. What is special about this application? If you are thinking in this way then really you are thinking in the right direction. Now let me clarify your doubt. Let us imagine another scenario. There is a lockdown in your society. I know there it is right now. But now let us just only imagine. Doctors are not ready to see you. But you have your X-Ray and CT Scans and you want a doctor to consult your report. In this situation, you don’t need to go anywhere. Just open this application, upload your reports and CT Scans and they will generate your report. It will also give you a percentage of your medical seriousness. This app covers almost all the health-related issues. Now the second question which you should ask me if you are reading all this very carefully is that what about small health-related problems like allergy and something. How it will help in that case? For covering this issue, we have a different tab where you can enter your symptoms and can directly contact the doctor through this application. Having talked a lot about scenarios, let us talk about it’s most important advantages. Whenever we feel uneasiness, our first action to this reaction is to go and consult a doctor. And when we go there, we find out that there was nothing an issue to be cared about and that you have just overslept. And adding misery to it, you have to pay a sum of money to the doctor for consultation fees. This is for the people who have money to spend on their intuitions. And what about those who just don’t go the doctor thinking that it is a small problem and it will heal automatically over time? And later they find out that these negligence has resulted into a big disease. To cut out all these factors, this application plays a good role which saves your money and time. Keeping the recent global scenario we have also kept COVID-19 Tracker as it has become the most essential part of our daily lives.

How I built it

I made machine learning models by the help of data available in open sources.Then by using flask,i converted my vision to flask app.

Challenges I ran into

First ,we faced the problems in collecting of datasets of diseases.Second,we had to make every machine model which took too much time.Third,accuracy played critical role.We had to train model again and again with different algorithms to get good accuracy.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is future of medical industry.

What I learned

Got too much information of medical science as i am an electronic engineer. We have used Kaggle to download and to collect the data stuff for creating the models. We have also used Flutter which is a kind of hybrid platform which helped us to develop deploy act of Robodoc for android as well as IOS. It Flask helped us to deploy models and images to the web and make it more user friendly.

What's next for RoboDoctor

Now what we are planning to add on to this is that we are thinking of configuring AI bot which will help us to track and guide user’s previous data so that we can use them when the user logins next time. We are also planning to introduce more ML models for other diseases so that we can keep up to date of the coming health-related problems and issues in the society. This is just a start to our dream project and we are all ready to make this application better and better with coming time and would try to serve your imaginations in the best possible way. It would not just be your dream robot, it would be more than that.

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