When I was working as a DBA the most annoying task was creating users and generating passwords and storing them securely and sending to the ones who made the request.

What it does

Uipath robot listens email with a png or jpg file ( a selfie photo) and a subject as create user. After getting this email it creates a user it the database and puts this image file on a blob storage in the cloud.

How I built it

Using Uipath , python and Azure blob and AI services.

Challenges I ran into

Azure AI services usage was a bit complex and it is a bit slow.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to identify the person from my Macbooks self-camera and connect with its user to the database

What I learned

I learnt how to use Azure face api with python and use Macbook Airs camera and UiPath robot all together.

What's next for RoboDBA

Well I assume we can automate many tasks using RoboDBA we may use it to give on-demand short-term permissions. We can use it to export/import data and we may use it fır gdpr controls and more..

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