Robocalls Wipeout or Calls Wipeout

To all judges, Hello, my name is Claudette Diek, and I desperately want to win this contest. I would be extremely and eternally grateful if you would please consider at least one of my ideas: 1- Robocalls must have a recording option stating, “If you are not this person and would not to be removed from our calling list, please press the number two button, thank you.”Once the client press #2, it would be routed to a delete button connected to the phone number that was dialed by the Robocalls, and so, the client’s number would be deleted (or wiped out) immediately. If the system does not recognize the caller’s number automatically due to a private or blocked number, then, the client should have the option to leave the number that needs to be deleted. 2- Robocalls should be programmed to call the client’s most recent number, and to call the client only once rather than several times per day or week. 3- There should be an option to leave a message for a live representative explaining that the company called the wrong person, and that if they don’t stop calling, they will be sued for harassment. 4- It would be great if Robocalls have an option like *67 that the customer will dial to block the Robocalls from calling again. 5- The cell phone company should have a *67 option to block Robocalls just like land line phone option. However, the telephone company should upgrade *67 and make it able to block any and all incoming numbers including private, blocked, and long distance calls instead of just blocking certain phone numbers. 6- Robocalls should ask the client a certain security question, and if the person who answers the phone gets it wrong, then the system would recognize that it is not the right client and that the person they called is the wrong person. Then, that person’s number would be deleted automatically and immediately from the calling list by Robocalls. I really hope and pray that you like at least one of my ideas. I really appreciate your consideration, time, help, and effort. Sincerely, Claudette Diek

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