For either all numbers, or only unknown numbers the user of RoboCall screener will set a command that all caller will be prompted to follow. For example, the command can ask the calling party to:

  1. Please say your name. After which the receiving party will hear a recording of the persons name, and decide if they would like to answer the phone or not.
  2. Please press a certain combination of numbers. For example, please press 3 four times.
  3. The receiving party can input any type of question that is known to be difficult, if not impossible, for computers to answer correctly.
  4. The receiving party can also have a recording played that is known to cause difficulty for computers to decipher, and ask the calling party to repeat what was heard clearly. (Similar to the captcha system used online today.

These questions are meant to ensure that a human is on the other end, so they would change as computer technology progresses.

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