InCharge Systems, Inc. (ICS) proposes a Robocall Handling Improvement Program for the FTC’s Robocall Challenge. Since no single solution can block all illegal robocalls to consumers while still allowing permitted legal robocalls to go through, a combination of components can significantly increase consumer protections against illegal robocalls, improve the identification of legal robocalls, assist carriers and law enforcement, and provide incentives for innovation. The proposed approach provides consistent and uniform basic robocall screening to potentially all consumers, using existing technology, new information repositories, and dedicated numbers.

ICS envisions the following as key components of a Robocall Handling Improvement Program:

Robocall Information Repositories: • Enhanced Do Not Call List • Dedicated Numbering Range • Legal Robocaller Registry

Consumer Services for Robocall Handling: • Uniform Robocall Diversion Option • Generic Robocall Handling Service

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