We got inspired by the vision 2030 and HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, that we want to reflect our efforts and skills in this Artathon to tell a story of success and how we are ready to lead the world to a better life starting from A.I. technologies and the first Artathon on the world.

What it does

We start from an idea of Art's using Arabic calligraphy and the history of fonts that we want to reflect our identity through our work of A.I coding and Art.

How we built it

We start with a set of original arts and develop an A.I. style transfer code by python to learn a pattern of the images and reflect the style image, so the machine learning can help to get a new image

Challenges we ran into

  • Rendering process
  • how to get an attractive A.I. art

Accomplishments that we are proud of

A.I. Style Transfer image that shows the power of A.I. to learn and get new image

What we learned

  • Art by coding
  • Learn the history of arts
  • Teamwork

What's next for 2030ART

  • We are looking to develop an A.I library for Arabic calligraphy
  • We promised ourselves to make A.I Art Gallary very soon
  • We want to learn and teach the A.I. Art methods

Built With

  • ai
  • anaconda
  • colab
  • gan
  • python
  • tensorflow
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