Robocalling can be mitigated through a multi part system which will be called Robo Learn. The first aspect of Robo Learn is akin to the spam filters used to combat email spam. The second aspect is a certificate based white list that can be used by legal entities to guarantee certain calls are not blocked. Finally there is a CAPTCHA system so that if a person is identified as a Robo Call they can still connect their call. Robo Learn is a flexible solution that relies on a new facility and a change to Telecom process. First a Robo Learn data center will need to be created (built or virtualized). Second, before connecting a call, a telecom provider will ask the data center in order to determine whether the call should be blocked or not. The data center will label the call as either 'OK' or 'ROBO'. The telecom provider will connect OK calls and forward ROBO calls to a CAPTCHA system.

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