Due to covid-19 Many people who are covid infected and not in a serious condition prefer home isolation and they isolate themselves from family members, so if we have to supply them with some medicines, Juices, or edible items, then we have to go near them, and because we do not use PPE kits at homes so this task will become risky.

Due to the Pandemic and Lockdown period, we all are stuck at homes and thus unable to go to the Malls or Markets for shopping. So we have turned towards Online Shopping. But isn't it risky that the Delivery Guy gives the items in our hands?

Last but not least we all are kind of lazy and this Robo-guy will be helpful for all delivery inside homes.

What it does

So we thought of a solution of using a gesture control robot to have a contactless delivery of food or medicines and also self sanitization of the robot to maintain proper hygiene.

How we built it

Hand Gesture Control Robot for Contactless Delivery

We have used one sender micro:bit that sends gesture information over to another receiver micro:bit through radio. The receiver micro:bit then uses the gesture info to control dc motors and thus moving our robot.

List of items used:

● 2 x Micro:bits - 1 receiver and 1 sender

● 1 x Microbit Edge Connector

● 1 x L298N Motor Driver

● Female/Female Jumper Wires

● 6 x AA Batteries (or 8 if you need more speed)

● 1 battery holder accomodating 2 AA batteries

● 1 battery holder accomodating 4 (or 6) AA batteries

● 2 x caster wheels

● 2 x Motor and wheelset

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Usage of Robot in Home Isolation of covid-19 patients:

Robot could be used in homes if a covid infected person is in Home Isolation. We can maintain contactless access with that infected person. So then to take care of infected family members, we will use this Robot and will load everything on the Robot and will send it forward using the hand Gesture to control the Motion, Direction of the Robot from our end to the Isolated room(Infected person's) and when it will get unloaded then we can bring it back using the backward gesture control, also it will self Sanitize itself before coming back to us. Thus it will also maintain the proper Hygiene.

Usage of Robot in online shopping for home deliveries

Here we need a contactless interaction with the delivery person, and to serve this the purpose we can use the Gesture control Robot, We will directly send that robot forward to the delivery person standing at a distance of 1-2 meters, and he will keep the item in the basket of Robot and after Automatic Sanitization, we will take the Robot backward.

What we learned

We learned receiver and sender interaction between two micro:bit

What's next for Robo-Guy

To look how hospital can use this kind of projects!!

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