My idea is building a "router" basically, something like a filter u connect to your exsisting phone line with basic softwear that u can acsses and update through your computer via internet connection or smart phone.

The router or filter will block any unwanted calls from any ip address u haven't registered in its system so you can still recive calls from your schools and favorite stores for wake up calls and even from any buisssness u wish to register. For security perposes of course the buissness will looked up on a database not by ip. Address u can also get an app for your cell phone with the same capabilities.

Why just block the annyoing dinner interupting telemarket robot calls, when u can also block the meeting interuping cell phone calls with a easy to navigate application on your phone. For more information on my work in progress please contact me I would be honered to share my thoughts. P.s. my plan for the money is to help my parents with there small buissness and to invest in bettering my future and in other young inventive minds striving to make a difference.

Thank you for your time and an oppertunitty to make a difference.

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