Quarantine has severely impacted the growth of young children. It has curbed their abilities to gather academic information and has altogether stopped their chances of learning how to be sociable. For hello:world we wanted to give younger children an outlet for learning both some facts about nature and the environment and the opportunity to socialize with online friends. We came up with Roblox camping trip. In this game, students are able to experience what camping feels like and learn about basic safety precautions related to camping whilst also allowing them to enjoy a virtual campfire with smores and people in the same lobby. In a more literal sense we hope to create a meaningful experience for children who are now deprived of their ability to hang out with their friends or go on field trips.

What it does

Roblox camping trip is located in a detailed and lush forest camping scene. Situated in the centre of the map is a giant bonfire with log benches, picnic tables and camping chairs. There, surrounded by the comfort of large coniferous trees, children can sit down and enjoy virtual smores while chatting to friends in the lobby. This is meant to imitate a situation where kids can just hang out as they would under a slide at the playground and ignite some feelings of real social interaction. Just beyond the fireplace is a small river, which upon being crossed offers interactive elements of nature. Facts panels pop up on the user interface to educate kids on topics such as animal safety and camping tips. This game almost takes on the role or medium flipbooks did to us as kids--except it offers much more.

How we built it

Using RobloxStudio, we created a server, designed it with artifacts (Roblox models), built the natural terrain from scratch and coded all the interactive learning material that kids may easily click on as they explore and discover the virtual scenery.

Challenges we ran into

There were several challenges (probably too many challenges). One of the largest issues we had was the bug in Roblox where the module wasn't opening as expected. It took hours and hours of debugging. In the end, it got fixed through some internal path changes. We also had to spend a lot of time scanning the imported code to ensure that the program is safe to use. RobloxStudio also kept crashing on us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With a team of two beginners, a missing teammate and seasoned veteran, we were able to collaborate and mesh together very well. Within 36 hours, we created a small scalable game that can educate and be enjoyed by the younger generation. For most of us it was the first time we have ever touched Roblox studio. We learned what it was like to work and create something in such a short period of time--mastering foreign tools we’ve never touched and learning as we go.

What's next for Roblox Camping Trip

Roblox camping trip can be easily expanded to include a plethora of details and more interactives. The world size can be increased to offer a larger lake, bigger cave network and more importantly even elements of nature to learn about.

Github link:

Built With

  • lua
  • robloxstudio
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