Robinhood Ninja

A front-end web app built using Polymer 2.0 components. It's hosted on Firebase Hosting and uses a NodeJS reverse proxy CORS Anywhere hosted on Amazon AWS EC2 instance to redirect calls to

Unofficial Robinhood API documentation:


Live App;

If you feel like setting this up locally;


git clone



First, install Polymer CLI using npm (assuming you have pre-installed node.js).

npm install -g polymer-cli

Second, install Bower using npm

npm install -g bower

Third, install dependencies

bower install bower.json

**** If you get a message "Unable to find a suitable version..." select the options that are required by Robinhood Ninja ****

Start the development server

This command serves the app at

polymer serve


The polymer build command builds your Polymer application for production, using build configuration options provided by the command line or in your project's polymer.json file.

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