We wanted to make investing more community based, accessible, and beneficial to society.

What it does

Allows people to trade stocks by democratic voting, and donate their capital gains to charity.

How I built it

We used React Native to build our app, and we used Expo to manage how we view, tested, and ran our app on our mobile devices . Low fidelity prototypes were built on scratch paper. The back-end was built on Python with Flask and hosted on Heroku, we also went serverless with google cloud functions and CockroachDB.

Challenges I ran into

We weren’t able to implement all the extra functionality we envisioned such as donations, and profile tabs. Our development team took on the challenge of working with new tools and languages such as javascript, react native, expo, and API technologies. Other challenges include, managing version control history, adding navigation in React Native, and installation and initial setup errors. The team had debugging issues that took up a substantial amount of our development time. Another struggle was working remotely from home and the technology limitations this presented.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our development team had limited prior knowledge of mobile development prior to the hackathon. Given this, we’re proud of what we were able to accomplish in a short period of time, as well as the teamwork we exhibited throughout the process. We were able to develop a minimum viable product, and create app functionality like forms, cards, flatlists, touchable components, styling, using the alpaca API, creating mobile navigation, a splash screen, learning how to use gradient colour on apps, and sending debugging requests to service. We’re also proud of our idea which we believe, if implemented, has the potential to make a positive impact.

What we learned

Our development team learned new technologies by using tools like react native, expo and APIs. In particular, how Expo has made development easier and more intuitive (e.g. publishing apps, multi-platform compatibility is automatic, React makes the app building a little more intuitive). During the opening ceremonies, we learned about different company API’s, and we learned how to incorporate Coackroach’s API into our project. We also learned a little about investing and how stocks work!

What's next for RobinGood

Donations Feature = allow lending money to those with less buying power and allow donations to charitable causes. Profile Feature = complete the profile page (users and management already created on back-end, but did not link everything) Overall better styling = this wasn’t the minimum viable product of our project. That is why we concentrated much less on the styling, and much more on the actual functionality of our app. However, it would be beneficial for us to invest time in styling our app for better engagement with

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