Robinbot is a white hat protocol which "recovers" crypto currencies lost when distracted developers push their private keys and mnemonics to public Github repos.

Is there anything more depressing than discovering that a hacker has stolen your private keys or mnemonic from your Github repo and left you with an account balance of 0 ETH? We have felt this pain before and it is not funny at all.

Robinbot: finds private keys and mnemonics like the bad hackers, but..... we are nice people. We let you know through email that we have moved your funds to a secure wallet and send you a pin code that allows you to recover your funds.

What is this?

Robinbot takes the money from your wallet and sends it to our Robinbot smart contract. The ETH is converted to DAI and then they are lent out for interest. Once the loan has been paid back in full, your money is sent to your new wallet.

Fun Fact: In case you have some EOS tokens, they will be sent directly to Tokentoilet ( will never get them back!

How we built it?

We call the Github API to find a twelve words string or a private key. Once this is done, we send all of the funds (minus gas) to our smart contract. Through a decentralized exchange we will execute the ETH-DAI swap. DAI are lent through a lending protocol and then back to the contract. By sending an email with a pin to the original owner (took its email through Github) we will validate their identity. The owner will claim their DAI by giving the pin + the new wallet address.

What we learned?

We learned how to use The Graph and GraphQL. We learned how to use the Kyber Network to execute swaps between ETH and DAI. We learned more solidity and type script.

Who made this?

Robinbot was created during the ETHSanFrancisco Hackathon in October 2018.

The Robinbot team was:

Martin Nagelberg (CryptoCup) Cameron Morris (Fabrica) Nicolas D'Onofrio (CryptoCup) Federico Goldberg (CryptoCup)

More info?

Have a look at

Coming next?

We want to build a big open source community of white hat hackers who will receive rewards to improve the bot performance to always be ahead of the evil hackers.

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