Problem statement:

“As a job seeker I want to find a job that fits with my skills, career goals, values, and salary expectations but the process is very stressful, overwhelming and I need to invest too much time doing research, analyzing each job description, dealing with spam and preparing for each interview.

Global context:

In the past months, hundreds of millions of people worldwide have lost their jobs. In the USA alone, more than 40 million Americans filed for unemployment. People across all industries have been impacted in some way either through losing their job or having their hours reduced.

Competition for jobs is higher than normal resulting in heightened emotions for everyone. On top of the obvious financial stress that comes with being unemployed or underemployed, job seekers also suffer from worse physical health, with rates of depression rising among the unemployed the longer they go without finding work. Job seekers usually become discouraged with the belief that finding a job isn’t possible and time-consuming. It is, but it will require extra patience.

Dealing emotionally with this sort of adversity is a skill few of us have been taught, and it requires building new habits in our personal lives. An article published by The New York Times, affirms that Creating a structure for the job hunt can reduce stress levels. Dr. Norris said that learn new skills and stay Social also helps to increase efficiency and can help keep the search from bleeding into every area of our personal life

What it does

Robin is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that assists people during their job search. Robin helps job seekers setting an structure, to avoid stress, provides help with relevant resources, and connects them with a community of mentors and career counselors.

How we built it

Robin uses the Messenger API with to build ongoing interactive conversations that help people find Jobs in the USA. The user's data is stored in AWS DynamoDB, and the matching results were implemented using Google Custom Search API. We used the user's data to custom search (indeed, youtube, glassdoor, and other websites), and the API returns the results in JSON format. We also used other APIs to get Indeed reviews and company details. Moreover, the app finds and matches mentors based on user job preference. The recommendation can be based only on the job role or with a combination of job role and company preference. The function will check the data and decide what to implement. On the other hand, the NLP interaction was built using We created the intents and entities then trained the App with some possible utterances like :(I need to set a reminder for an interview on December 1, 2020 | I need review for CVS). The App sends an error message to the user if it detects an intent without the required entity like: (I need reviews | I have a job interview). Some intents are generic and can work with 1,2 or 3 entities like: (I need a software engineer job | I need a software engineer job in Florida | I need a part-time software engineer job). It will work with only the job role or with combinations by handling each case differently. Finally, we used Messenger One Time Notification to send reminders if the user set a reminder for an interview. The function refreshes periodically, and it will first check if the user is subscribed or not. If the user is subscribed, it will check the reminders' dates. If the date is one day before the current day, it will send Notification with some helpful resources.

Challenges we ran into

It is hard to get free public access to Indeed job search API & Glassdoor. We used an alternative which is Google Custom Search API to get the results from the website

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud to put our efforts into a working project that can help many people during their job search. We tested our demo with various users and all of the agreed that Robin would be instrumental to not only help them find the right job but to deal with stress and anxiety, avoiding spending time doing lots of research and providing them with valuable resources.

What we learned

We had to used google API to custom search indeed, glassdoor, youtube, and other websites because it is hard to get access to free API.

What's next for Robin - Job finding assistant

The next step for Robin is to provide users with more sophisticated features such as Auto-emailing responses, rehearsal tools that can give feedback in terms of voice tone, engagement, clarity, and performance, as well as mental health support, especially after receiving a rejection email.

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