We don't have any friends, especially on the first day of class. To escape depression and meet some cool ppl, we built this app.

What it does

Basically finds people in your surrounding area (aka room) via Robin's Beacon and then creates a group chat with all the members of the room. This eliminates the need to add members to the group, since everyone in the room gets an invite via email to join the chat room.

How we built it

We used Firebase as our backend, and we also used Node.js as the server software to host the app. We hosted the app on Firebase's static server. We coded everything in JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

We've never really built anything using APIs so just getting used to that was a challenging task. Working at the front end and the backend simultaneously was a difficult task as well, since we had to coordinate who did what. Setting up an automated email service also held us back for a bit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is the first time we've built a project from scratch at a hackathon, in time. We also explored undiscovered avenues, be it javascript, or using a bluetooth beacon.

What we learned

We learned the entire process of front end to back end development, and some more javascript along the way.

What's next for robin-chat-hackumass

$10,000 per day? :P Nah more like add ons, multiple chat rooms, better chat interface, and much more security!

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