You have always lived in the suburbs outside Root Tooth City, where more and more members of your community have been facing hunger due to their low paying jobs…

… On your 18th birthday, you received a gift from your cousin – a train ticket to explore Root Tooth City for the first time. Upon your arrival, you notice the abundance of leftover food in the city, due to its residents’ wasteful behaviour...

… Suddenly, the idea comes to you: you will try to gather as much leftover food as you can from the city to bring back to your community – but will you be able to do this without getting caught by the residents of Root Tooth City?

What it does

In the game, you try and collect as much food as you can without getting seen and caught by the enemies! Use the WASD keys to move your character around.

How we built it

We used Unity to build the game. The game was designed and programmed by us. Additionally, music and sound effects were also created by us.

Art asset credits

Built With

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